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Safety Engineering International offers an array of services focused on the study, development, design, testing, manufacturing, and installation of Rollover Occupant Protection Systems (ROPS). Being involved in every step of the development of our products ensures the quality of engineering, production and performance required in safety equipment. Our years of experience and quantity of projects are our best guarantee.

H19 Nissan Navara 2018 HALO ROPS


The HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System is designed to maximize the vehicle’s own geometry to minimize and evenly distribute the impact forces of a rollover event over the entire vehicle body structure preventing point loading at any location.

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JRS Rollover Test 1


We can perform evaluations of various vehicle types including light trucks, SUV's, passenger vans, buses, medium & heavy trucks and haulers to determine safety systems to enhance their structural strength. 


Additionally, we can design and produce a customized solution, given a set of required variables. SEI performs all types of vehicle structural and crash analysis and can make recommendations that will minimize structural failure to best protect your occupants.

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Mexico installers


Our HALO ROPS requires installation by a trained and certified technician. SEI can provide these services along with your purchase or we offer Certified Installer Training to others for our products to ensure proper function and guarantee its performance.

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Our safety engineers have years of experience in accident investigation and dynamic vehicle testing which allow them to gain a better understanding of how serious injuries occur and what precautions can be taken to prevent them.

We can consult with you in many vehicle safety related areas such as: risk assessment, injury prevention, ROPS, FOPS, and vehicle assessment to help you choose the best vehicle for your fleet.

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