Safety Engineering International is a vehicle safety engineering company. Our design engineers have years of experience in rollover accident investigation and dynamic vehicle testing which allowed them to gain a better understanding of how injuries occur in rollovers and what precautiions can be taken to prevent serious injuries. These findings are the building blocks for our HALO Rollover Occupant Protection System.

Mr. Donald Friedman

Chief Executive, Principal, and Co-Inventor

Mr. Donald Friedman is one of the co-founders of SEI. Mr. Friedman has been in auto safety for over 40 years. A few of his accomplishments are his work on the SideWinder Missile, the Lunar Rover and the Minicars Research Safety Vehicle. He was instrumental in the early work on airbags, including testifying before the U.S Congress in the 1970’s to make airbags mandatory and is considered to be the leading expert in the United States on rollovers and roof crush.

Dr. Raphael Grzebieta

President, Principal, and Co-Inventor

Dr. Grzebieta holds the Chair in Road Safety at the NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre at the University of NSW. Grzebieta is also the immediate Past President of the Australasian College of Road Safety. He has over 26 years of research and practical experience in crash worthiness and road safety. Research teams he has led and been involved with have carried out crash tests and numerous computer modelling and theoretical studies investigating and mitigating injuries in rollover and roadside barrier crashes, far & near side impact, and truck override and under run. In 2004, Grzebieta was awarded the 2003 Warren Medal by the Institution of Engineers in Australia. Dr. Grzebieta has worked on the retrofit design concept from its infancy.

Ms. Susie Bozzini


Ms. Bozzini has over twenty-five years in business management and marketing experience ranging from retail, to service, to product promotion, and product development. Over her career she has provided quality management of businesses ranging in size from 2 to 25 million in sales and service contracts. She has successfully developed staff members for each business ranging from part-time retail employees to high level product designers to sophisticated forensic engineers, for the various business entities. Ms. Bozzini developed all contractual relationships to procure, promote, and sell the various manufactured products and services. She earned a BS in Business Administration from California State University at Hayward, CA. in 1998. Ms. Bozzini has studied the emerging needs and opportunities in the automotive retrofit markets for the last ten years and is one of the developers of the HALO™ concept.