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Safety Engineering International specializes in the most important aspect of any mission and that is to protect the lives of the people working to protect us.

Contract Summary

Company Name: Safety Engineering International

Duns Number: 965505139

Contract Number: 47QMCA21D000R

Contract Period: March 29, 2021 through March 28, 2026

Items Awarded

SIN                       Description                                          Large Category                         Subcategory

ANCILLARY          Ancillary Supplies & Services            Miscellaneous                           Complementary SINs

3363P                  Spare Components & Vehicle             Transportation & Logistics       Motor Vehicles (non-Combat)

                             Accessories                                         Services 

Terms & Discounts

Terms: NET 30 Days


  • 3-8 HALO safety cages

  • 9-12 HALO safety cages

  • 13-24 HALO safety cages

  • 25+ HALO safety cages

Core Competencies

  • SEI’s patented rollover occupant protection system, HALO, has saved hundreds of lives in the mining industry over 12 years throughout 5 continents. NOW available on GSA Advantage!

  • HALO is the state-of-the-art in rollover safety cage systems. HALO enhances and reinforces the vehicle structure to minimize serious and fatal injuries to occupants in crash events.

  • HALO can be designed for any vehicle and can combine with other vehicle modifications like lift kits or armor plating.


HALO Features and Benefits:​

  • HALO is the only stand-alone Light Truck ROPS on GSA.

  • HALO is proven with thousands already in use.

  • Hundreds of lives saved in HALO equipped vehicles.
    Real-World success stories on our website.

  • SEI design engineers have 20+ years’ experience.

  • SEI team has extensive knowledge of accident investigation and dynamic vehicle testing; 300 test crashes run on the JRS.

  • 13 HALO models on GSA Advantage including Ford, Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Mahindra.

  • Certified HALO Installers are ready and available to move quickly to complete the job on time.

  • Special order designs available for ANY vehicle or transport.

Company Information

  • Over 100 lives saved by the utilization of HALO™

  • SEI is the source of our proprietary HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System under patents: United States Patent No. US 7,717,492, South Africa Patent No. 2011/02026, Australia Patent No PCT/US2009/054293, Singapore Patent No. WO/2010/022141, Canada Patent No. 2,735,042 , Mexican Copyright Registration No. 03-2016-120912494800-001

  • Design engineers with over 30 years of rollover accident investigation and dynamic vehicle testing experience and will provide observations to that effect

  • Pioneers of the Jordan Rollover System (JRS) – a dynamic vehicle rollover testing system and protocol.

  • NAICS: 331210, 331221, 332114, 336390, 336992, 423120, 541330, 541690, 811198.

HALO Models

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